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The Connection Movement

24/05/2021 @ 01:53 - 17:00

| $45

Събитие на уеб куката.

TheConnectionMovement is committed to reviving human connection with ourselves and each other. We are a growing community of over 100 regularly active participants and 1000+ members of the greater community that share a commitment to deeper connection and richer communication in our lives.

An oasis and playground for connection, TheConnectionMovement meets 6-10 times per month in New York City. Our get-togethers include social experiments, social gatherings, a deep and powerful inter-relational meditation practice called “Circling”, and “Connection Labs” (structured activities that flex and engage our empathy, playfulness, listening, self-expression, and vulnerabilty). The foundational principles and tools we engage with are inspired by the teachings of NonViolent Communication, Circling Europe, The Circling Institute, Authentic World, Ken Wilber’s Integral Practices, and Creative Drama.


01:53 - 17:00


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