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Inspired Healing

24/05/2021 @ 01:53 - 17:00

| $55

Събитие на уеб куката.

Our Inspired Healing event will look at the aspects of being a whole person. Presenters from various backgrounds will assist, confirm and help bring awareness to matters we are working on for ourselves. This will happen in the beginning of the program during the introduction and Q&A segments. We will have 30-45 minutes for lunch (you can bring your own or there are lunch options in the area) upon your return we will break out into intimate groups that will focus on five aspects of wholeness: physical body, heart, mind, spirit and sound. Afterwards the groups will reconvene for a: blessing, sound grounding and a release into our waiting world. *Our Inspired Healing session is not related to a specific religion or faith. The healing session is open to all females regardless of religion, race or culture. The session is not meant to be replacement for any medical protocols or health therapies prescribed by a doctor or other health professional.) Hosts: The founders of Beautiful Blog: Claudia Harris & Andrea Gonnella and Co-Hosts: Joule L’Adara, Amy Baker, Sita Hagenburg, Cherinise Spruell


01:53 - 17:00


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